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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Modern Meaning of Chusa's View of Education-The Priesthood (2)

Last year, he sent out two books, Late 』Xueji and Fang Yunshan, Wen Yan. Not work It was bought ten million distant places, and obtained over the years, was not possible at one time.
The world is now swept away in the pursuit of power and gain. In such a tide it was as hard and painful as to seek a book, but instead of giving it to someone who would care for your good, but sending it to someone who was languid away from the sea, as if you were following in the world!Taishi Company Ma Qian said, "Those who have joined together for power and gain, fellowship also goes down when it is done." You are also one of those who live in the world's dominant flows, and you have come out of the world. Is it because you didn't treat me in your ear?
Or are the words of the judges wrong? Confucius said, "We can only know that pine and pine do not wither until it is cold in the winter." Pine and pine trees do not fall without the four seasons. Even before the cold season, the same pine, pine, and even after the cold is still pine, pine. Nevertheless, the saint (Confucius) spoke of it after the cold, and now, when you look back on your dealings with me, there is nothing better than before, but nothing after that.
But you may not speak of your former self, but the attitude you have shown afterwards may also be called by adults. There was something for the adult, especially in those cold seasons. Alas! Even in the days when the customs were beautiful, such as in the pre-war period, even people who became vulnerable, such as Drained and Zheng Dang time, were scattered after their gathering. In the meantime, the same words that the Zhai Gongxia Gongjing County were written on the gate are the desperation of worldliness. sad! Wandered by the elderly (O Ju-seok, 1999).
Implications include the Taishi Company Ma Qian, quoted in this article, the characters of Remember the state in <History>, the Li Ren Li Zi and 의 of the Qing Dynasty, and the poetry and poetry of the pre-war period. Andong Kim Moon, who tried to destroy the autumn house and destroyed it, is not related to the goodness of the nation and the history of Heonjongdae. Furthermore, in order to better understand the inner nature of Chusa, it is necessary to explain the Samacheon, which had been adored by the wrath of the monarchy after being properly defended for the unjustly sinned general who was quoted.
Samacheon is a historical figure of self who completed the sacred masterpiece "Sagi" by enduring the ridicule of the people without enduring self-determination even after receiving the arch, the greatest shame as a pauper. In the quotations of these characters, Chusa implied Chusa's family, quoting the words of Taesa Kong twice, and imitating the style of 'Sad!' In such Chusa-ri, I will never spend my exile in vain day as Samacheon did. Would have imprinted on you.

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